Nerviano Medical Sciences announces new organizational structure and management team including key appointments
May 5, 2022

Nerviano, 5 May 2022

Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS Srl,) a member of NMS Group and a clinical stage company discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancers, today announces the new organizational structure and key appointments of the new management team, effective immediately.
The new organizational structure is designed to:

  • Reposition the company’s new vision as a top-performing biotech company recognized globally by peers, patients and physicians
  • Implement an organizational structure that can truly ensure to discover novel ways to treat patients and smartly push the boundary in development to make our medicines available to patients around the globe
  • Drive the successful delivery of the transformation plan and address the key strategic priorities
  • Accelerate the organizational change and streamline the operating processes
  • Dedicate the proper focus and resources to further enhance value of the assets

The new structure will be led by the new CEO – Dr. Hugues Dolgos, who is the CEO of NMS Group Spa and the Chairperson of NMS Srl. This will streamline further the decision-making progress and optimize the support from the holding. The new management team is a balanced mix of NMS Srl’s internal experts and newly acquired talents. The key appointments are:

  • Antonella Isacchi, Director of Biotechnology and Head of Global Alliances with 25+ years of R&D experience takes up a newly created role, Chief Scientific Officer, who will oversee the overall research strategy, manage the company’s scientific, technological, and research operations and will drive external collaboration and represent the scientific interests of the company.
  • Alessia Montagnoli, Head of Biology, with 20+ years of R&D experience is promoted to Global Head of Asset Leadership, leading a team with a special focus dedicated to the company’s strong pipeline assets to capitalize their critical importance and strongly increase their value.
  • Lisa Mahnke, a physician/scientist with 16 years of experience in immunology, virology and in oncology development of large and small molecules, has joined NMS Srl to assume the role of Chief Medical Officer (currently as a Consultant) providing support and guidance for NMS Srl’s portfolio and overall strategic development of the company and fortify our fast-to-market strategy. Lisa will be working from Boston and leading the creation of NMS Srl’s US entity where she will be the CMO.
  • Guoxian (Gregory) Wu, after four years of bringing growth and inspiration to NMS Srl leading with his expertise and vast experience in drug discovery and project management as the CEO of NMS Srl, moves from NMS Srl to NMS Group Spa and relocates to the US. Continuing his important contribution to NMS Group, Greg will have new missions to expand the Group’s horizon as Head of Drug Conjugate Innovation, and to help speeding up the process of the Group’s critical presence in the US.

Dr. Hugues Dolgos commented: “After working with the extremely experienced and talented team here in Nerviano for a few months, we realized that only with the clear vision and the structure that reflects a biotech company can NMS Srl truly operate at full speed and maximize its capability. This is only the first step of an ambitious transformation plan that we just kicked off to unlock NMS Srl’s full potential. It sets up the sound basis from which we will implement positive changes with the strategic priorities at an accelerated pace. We very much look forward to achieving sustainable and profitable growth also in an untapped territory with the new global management team!”

20220505-NMS Srl-New org structure

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