Nerviano Medical Sciences Srl’s Landmark Article in The Journal of Organic Chemistry
December 20, 2023

Nerviano Medical Sciences Srl (NMS) is pleased to announce the publication of the hot-off-the-press article “Photocatalytic Radical Coupling of Organoborates with α-Halogenated Electron-Poor Olefins” published in The Journal of Organic Chemistry  ( .

The paper reports the unprecedented light-mediated construction of elaborated α-halo-derivatives, useful intermediates in organic synthesis. This brilliant achievement was accomplished by the team headed by NMS’ Dr Marina Caldarelli and Dr Sarah Jane Rezzi, a PhD student in Professor Tracey Pirali laboratories at Università del Piemonte Orientale (UPO).

The collaboration between NMS and UPO was signed in the frame of the Italian National Operational Programme on Research and Innovation 2014-2020 (Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) – “RICERCA E INNOVAZIONE” 2014-2020) that aims at promotion of exchange between the research and the industry communities. This result represents an example of how universities and private companies can effectively cooperate and due to the photochemical nature of the reaction disclosed, we can now say that “a touch of light” binds these two renowned Institutions.


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