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For any questions please contact us at the following numbers or using the contact form below.

If you are interested in submitting your CV please consult the Join us page.


NMS Group
Tel: +39.0331.581.111
Communication and Institutional relations:
Tel: +39.0331.581.380
Tel: +39.333.84.25.690

Nerviano Medical Sciences
Tel: +39.0331.581.467
Fax: +39.0331.581.213

Tel: +39.0331.1984.444
Fax: +39.0331.1984.200

Tel: +39.0331.581.482
Fax: +39.0331.581.659

Tel: +39.0331 581.152, +39.0331 581.605-589
Fax: +39.0331 581.104

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