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The mission of NMS Group is to discover and develop new molecules and therapeutic strategies, contributing to shape the future of cancer care. Thanks to its unique fully integrated R&D chain, the Group is also committed in offering high quality pre-clinical, clinical and production services at a global level.
The vast scientific heritage of internal skills, technology and experience represents our excellence and the basis for achieving our goals with continuous commitment and enthusiasm.

NMS Group is the largest company in Italy committed in innovation and research and development in oncology.

About us

Our company is a high value organization covering the whole R&D process: from pre-clinical phase of research, to First-Time-In-Man of clinical phase, up to production and packaging of the finished drug. Nerviano Medical Sciences represents the innovative heart of the Group and make it an important and international reference in the field of personalized therapy. NMS Group also provides Research and Production services, addressed to local and international markets through three different companies: Accelera, one of the few companies engaged in preclinical research in Italy; Clioss engaged in clinical development starting from First-Time-In-Man and Nerpharma, dealing with activities from formulation to production of the active principle.

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Nerviano, Italy, 16.04.2018


Elena Ardini, biologist, is the first author of a scientific publication "Best of AACR journals collection". The article regards Entrectinib, discovered in Nerviano Medical Sciences' laboratories and it is one of the most read and quoted during 2016. Many other researchers from Nerviano Campus have taken part in this project.
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Nerviano, Italy, 05.04.2018

Nerviano Researchers’ Contribution in Building Anticancer Drug Actions Atlas

This is the most complete study carried out, up to date, on kinases and over 240 inhibitors and it illustrates how new opportunities for cancer treatment could arise from some kinase inhibitors already approved or currently in clinical development phase. Involved four experienced researchers from Nerviano Campus, highly regarded in the field of kinase biochemistry and structural chemistry.
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