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Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS) Announces the Launch of Accelera: The New Brand of NMS-Preclinical Development

Nerviano, 08.03.2007

Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS) are pleased to announce the renaming and branding of NMS Preclinical Development. From March 1st 2007, NMS Preclinical Development has been renamed Accelera (www.accelera.info).

As part of the spin off of NMS from Pfizer in May 2004, NMS Preclinical Development was formed with the mission to provide the highest quality contract services to the worldwide pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The transition from mainstream pharmaceutical to a Contract Research Organization (CRO) has been both rapid and successful; performance highlights include:

Reported 60% growth in revenues from 2005 to 2006
Over 400 studies performed in 2006
Working with over 40 sponsors from Europe, United States and Asia
130 highly skilled scientists with expertise in multiple preclinical disciplines and unrivaled drug development experience
Unique technology platforms available

"As we have grown, Accelera has continuously striven to improve how we communicate with our customers and potential new customers", said Dr. Marco Brughera, Vice President of Accelera. "The decision to focus on providing services to third parties has proven challenging but unquestionably worthwhile. With the rapid growth in the contract services market (10-15% CAGR) there are increasing opportunities for strategic outsourcing, and it has become more and more important to "excel" to remain competitive. Without underestimating future challenges, with confidence from our achievements to date, and with our sponsors at the forefront of our minds, it is with great pleasure that we announce this important step in our development".

Accelera will continue to provide the broad range of services and expertise offered under the previous brand, while this change will have no impact on existing contractual relationships, or past, ongoing or planned studies.

The new brand and logo, with its own distinctive personality while maintaining its links to NMS, made its debut at the recent Bio-Europe Spring meeting in Milan (5-7 March), and at the Society of Toxicology meeting in Charlotte, NC (26-29 March).

"These changes represent a new stage in the growth of Accelera, and for Nerviano Medical Sciences", added Dr. Giampiero Duglio, C.E.O. of Nerviano Medical Sciences. "Everyone at Accelera appreciates the continued support of our clients, and look forward to future collaborations to meet the drug development needs of the worldwide pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries."

About Nerviano Medical Sciences
Nerviano Medical Sciences is a private company wholly owned by Congregazione dei Figli dell' Immacolata Concezione. It was incorporated in May 2004 following a spin-off from Pfizer. Nerviano Medical Sciences is the largest pharmaceutical R&D site in Italy, and actively engages in partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies, academia and other R&D entities.