HomeThe Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Junhua led a delegation to visit NMS Group in Nerviano, Milan, Italy

The Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Junhua led a delegation to visit NMS Group in Nerviano, Milan, Italy

Nerviano, 10.12.2019

A delegation led by Ambassador Li Junhua had visited our NMS Group in Nerviano, Milan on Tuesday morning, December 10th and warmly welcomed by Mr. Andrea Agazzi, Chairman of the Group, Dr. Ying Shao, Chief Executive Officer, and all members of the strategic and scientific committees. As the new year is approaching, Ambassador Li and the delegation’s visit has definitely brought fresh energy to bring the group forward!
The chairman Mr. Agazzi delivered an affectionate welcome speech. He used the expression “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations,” originally a Chinese idiom quoted by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his 2013 speech entitled “Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialization,”to explain as a result of this partnership, NMS Group can and will keep moving forward strongly. Representing the management team, CEO dr. Ying Shao introduced the company's history, development strategy, recent goals, drawing special attention to the positive changes after the Chinese investment was in place. He believes that with our competence to lead innovation and our determination to achieve all strategic targets, we will certainly facilitate the collaboration between China and Italy and contribute to the Belt and Road initiative with all our force at full speed.
Ambassador Li has emphasized that the NMS Group has been committed to the research of antitumor drugs for a long time and has made significant contributions to improve human health and wellbeing. NMS's innovative products have crossed rivers, seas, and across the Ocean to Asia, providing new hope for Chinese patients. Ambassador Li aspires that the NMS Group will always stay committed to the original intention of "integrity", and through the great
opportunities provided by the "Belt and Road", it will make China-Italy cooperation bigger and stronger, and bring the best products to the world and benefit all mankind.
Based on the information shared during the meeting, Ambassador Li and the delegation had a productive discussion with participants. They later visited the laboratories, and had lunch with the staffs.
All NMS staffs expect that the visit from the Ambassador Li and the delegation would further deepen the Sino-Italian cooperation and friendship, encourage the sound development of the company, and develop more innovative and quality products to better patients’ health and improve the well-being of all!