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Phase 2, the battle continues and NMS Group will keep protecting our Nerviano community

Nerviano, 19.05.2020

Today, the NMS Group has kept its promise and donated another 5,000 masks to the Nerviano community. “As the lockdown eventually eases and we all can enjoy a bit more freedom to move, here in the NMS Group campus that we think and act according to scientific evidence and precautious measures, we know that we’re only entering the cease fire phase and the battle has not ended. With this idea in mind, while we stepping up the preparation to protect our staff that cannot stop working to produce life-saving molecules, we’re also guarding our community that always supports us for the past decades.


During the whole lockdown period, NMS Group has never stopped. We have acted quickly at the earliest stage of the pandemic, because we know that we cannot afford any pause in our production. We follow strictly the rules to respect social distancing, to stock up personal protective equipment and to keep a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting routine. We are also innovating and devising additional ways to keep our employees safe based on the conditions of the dynamic workplaces here. “In addition to protecting our employees from the virus, we’re ramping up different levels of measures and activities to install a greater confidence in them, assuring their physical and mental health. And by helping our community, we’re sending them a strong message that we are secured, since only those who are well-prepared can reach out to the others. A safe reopening is everyone’s responsibility, but assuring our staffs and neighbors to have the right means to protect themselves, is ours.” said Andrea Agazzi, Chairman of NMS.


Massimo Cozzi, the mayor of Nerviano said, “Again I’m expressing our gratitude to NMS Group that always supports us. I appreciate that NMS thinks and acts as a part of the Nerviano community, and is doing everything they can for the sake of others. The pandemic has truly brought closer together. We will win this battle as a team!