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NMS Group stand by Nerviano. First batch of masks donated to the community.

Nerviano, 27.03.2020

As the Covid 19 virus epidemic continues in Italy, the dire shortage of face masks is presenting a serious threat to the health of the public’s health. NMS Group (NMS), where we see safeguarding people’s life as our duty, is working effortlessly together with our major Chinese investor, Nanjing Hicin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,  to source masks and anti-epidemic supplies from various channels to protect our employees, as well as the local community, from the virus. Today, with a new supply of masks in stock, NMS has donated the first batch of 2,500 masks to people in need through Massimo Cozzi, the mayor of Nerviano, in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic alongside our local residents. “NMS Group took root in the Nerviano soil for decades and has always been committed to the community. From this campus we create life-saving molecules to improve lives and the Nerviano community has always supported us with talents and compassion.  During tough times like this, we definitely will step up and protect Nerviano. Our team has managed to source masks from various channels and secured their arrival in Italy. After securing our staff that needs to keep producing anti-cancer treatments to patients, we will donate the others to people in need in our community, helping to curb the spread of coronavirus. I would like to express my gratitude to our colleagues and the Nerviano community for their efforts. “, said Andrea Agazzi, Chairman of NMS. Massimo Cozzi, the mayor of Nerviano said, “We really appreciate NMS’s timely support for the public workers and the residents in urgent need. We hope that this would just be the start and more institutions will provide support to  the community in the future.“