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About Us

With more than 400 total employees, NMS Group is the largest company, in Italy, committed in innovation and research and development in oncology and it is the only reality able to manage the entire integrated chain of the research and development path: from pre-clinical phase of research, to First-Time-In-Man of clinical phase, up to production and packaging of the finished drug.

Nerviano Medical Sciences represents the innovative heart of the Group and make it an important and international reference in the field of personalized therapy.

NMS Group provides services of Research and Production, addressed to local and international markets through three different companies: Accelera, one of the few companies engaged in preclinical research in Italy; Clioss engaged in clinical development starting from First-Time-In-Man and Nerpharma, dealing with activities from formulation to production of the active principle.

The wide modular structure and the modern technologies of the Campus - covering an area of approximately 100 thousand square meters - are organized for research activities and for offering a range of highly specialized services or additional opportunities to the world of Research and Academy.