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Preclinical Research

Accelera is one of the few Italian companies committed in preclinical research and offers integrated high level services for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as academic Institutes and non-profit organizations, at a worldwide level.

Accelera works in particularly in the field of assessment and profiling molecules in preclinical testing, their possible interactions with metabolism and their toxicity levels helping clients to “pick the best” drug candidates, right from the start. Thanks to its experienced researchers the company is able to offer a complete range of services and consultancy in different areas: from safety pharmacology to drugs interaction, from in vitro tests to radiosynthesis, up to PBPK and PK/PD modeling.
Accelera also offers support and advice in the development of New Chemical Entities (NCE) and biological compounds and new cancer drugs, thanks to outstanding experience in the sector and in preclinical tumor models, PKPD, Attrition Reducing Technologies (ART), Drug Safety, bioanalysis and Regulatory Development.

The reliability of results and their acceptability worldwide is guaranteed by different qualified scientific teams, advanced platforms and technologies located in a wide modular structure and high quality certification by Regulatory Agencies for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Accelera experts are also involved in the development and validation of innovative and alternative methods, in collaboration with most representative centers of reference and in teaching in higher education programme.

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