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Regioselective g-alkylation of tert-butyl 2,4-dioxopiperidine-1-carboxylate
Orsini P, Maccario A, Colombo N
(2007) 20, 3185-3190

Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development
Colotta F
Chapter of book: Targeted Therapies in cancer. Myth or Reality?
(2007) 610, 19-41

Aurora kinases and their inhibitors: more than one target and one drug
Carpinelli P, Moll J
Chapter of book: Targeted Therapies in cancer. Myth or Reality?
(2007) 610, 54-73

Crystal structure of the T315I Abl mutant in complex with the aurora kinases inhibitor PHA-739358.
Modugno M, Casale E, Soncini C, Rosettani P, Colombo R, Lupi R, Rusconi L, Fancelli D, Carpinelli P, Cameron AD, Isacchi A, Moll J.
Cancer Research
(2007) 67 (17):7987-90.

PHA-739358, a potent inhibitor of Aurora kinases with a selective target inhibition profile relevant to cancer
Carpinelli P, Ceruti R, Giorgini ML, Cappella P, Gianellini L, Croci V, Degrassi A, Texido G, Rocchetti M, Vianello P, Rusconi L, Storici P, Zugnoni P, Arrigoni C, Soncini C, Alli C, Patton V, Marsiglio A, Ballinari D, Pesenti E, Fancelli D, Moll J.
Mol Cancer Ther.
2007 6 (12):3158-68

Development and Validation of In Silico Models for Estimating Drug Preformulation Risk in PEG400/Water and Tween80/Water Systems.
Crivori P, Morelli A, Pezzetta D, Poggesi I, Rocchetti M.
European J of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(2007), 32 (3):169-181

Pyrazoles as efficient adenine-mimetic heterocycles for the discovery CDK inhibitors
Pevarello P, Vulpetti A
Inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases as anti-tumor agents (Book)
(2007) 15, 323-347

Cell-cycle inhibitor profiling by high-content analysis
Gasparri F, Ciavolella A, Galvani A
Advances in Molecular Oncology (Book)
(2007) 604, 137-148

6-Substituted Pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrazoles: An Improved Class of CDK2 Inhibitors
Brasca MG, Albanese C, Amici R, Ballinari D, Corti L, Croci V, Fancelli D, Fiorentini F, Nesi M, Orsini P, Orzi F, Pastori W, Perrone P, Pesenti E, Pevarello P, Riccardi-Sirtori F, Roletto F, Roussel P, Varasi M, Vulpetti A, Mercurio C
(2007), 2, 841-852

Cross platform microarray analysis for robust identification of differentially expressed genes
Bosotti R, Locatelli G, Healy S, Scacheri E, Sartori L, Mercurio C, Calogero R and Isacchi A
BMC Bioinformatics
(2007) 8, S5

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Histopathological Characterization of Prostate Tumors in TRAMP Mice as Model for Pre-Clinical Trials
De Grassi A, Russo M, Scanziani E, Giusti A, Ceruti R, Texido G, Pesenti E
The prostate
(2007) 67,396-404

Antitumor Activity of Edotecarin in Breast Carcinoma Models
Ciomei M, Croci V, Stellari F, Amboldi N, Giavarini R, Pesenti E
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
(2007) 60, 2, 229-235

Structures of the human eIF4E homologous protein, 4EHP, in its m(7)GTP-bound and Unliganded Forms
Rosettani P, Knapp S, Vismara S, Rusconi MG, Cameron A
Journal of Molecular Biology
(2007) 368, 3, 691-705

Poly-Fluorinated Amino acids for Sensitive 19F NMR-Based Screening and Kinetic Measurements
Papeo GL, Giordano P, Brasca MG, Buzzo F, Caronni D, Ciprandi F, Mongelli N, Veronesi M, Vulpetti A, Dalvit C
J. Am. Chem. Soc.
(2007), 129 5665-5672

Ongoing phase I and II studies of novel anthracyclines
Sessa C, Valota O, Geroni C
Cardiovascular Toxicology
(2007) 7, 75-79

Bortezomib inhibits nuclear factor-kB dependent survival and has potent in vivo activity in mesothelioma
Sartore-Bianchi A, Gasparri F, Galvani A, Nici L, Darnowski JW, Barbone D, Fennell DA, Gaudino G, Porta C, Mutti L
Clinical Cancer Research
(2007) 13, 19, 5942-5951

De Novo Synthesis of thiophenes on a polymeric support
Traversone A, Brill W
Tetrahedron Letters
(2007) 48, 3535-3538

Assessment of QT Liabilities in Drug Development: Regulatory Status and Current Practices
Arrigoni C, Crivori P
Cell Biology and Toxicology
(2007), 23(1):1-13

Synthesis of PHA-690509 labelled with 14C
Fontana E, Giribone D, Feliciti C
J of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharm
(2007), 50:225-227

Evaluation of a Physiological-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling for Simulation of First Time in Animal Study
Germani M, Crivori P, Rocchetti M, Burton PS, Wilson AGE, Smith ME, Poggesi I
European J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(2007), 31:190-201

Assessing and managing toxicities induced by kinase inhibitors
Castoldi RE, Pennella G, Saturno GS, Grossi P, Brughera M, Venturi M
Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development
(2007), 10(1):53-7

Predicting the active doses in humans from animal studies: A novel approach in oncology
Rocchetti M, Simeoni M, Pesenti E, De Nicolao G, Poggesi I
Eur. J. Can.
(2007), 43(12):1862-1868

Cdc7 is an active kinase in human cancer cells undergoing replication stress
Tenca P, Brotherton D, Montagnoli A, Rainoldi S, Albanese C, Santocanale C
Journal of Biological Chemistry
(2007) 282(1), 208-215