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Publications 2005


Linear and nonlinear methods in modeling the aqueous solubility of organic compounds
Catana C, Gao H, Orrenius C, Stouten PF
J. Chem. Inf. Model.
(2005) 45, 170-176

Rapid NMR-based functional screening and IC50 measurements performed at unprecedentedly low enzyme concentration
Dalvit C, Papeo GL, Mongelli N, Giordano P, Saccardo B, Costa A, Veronesi M, Ko SY
Drug Dev Res (2005)
64, 105-113

Formation and antitumor activity of PNU-159682, a major metabolite of nemorubicin in human liver microsomes
Quintieri L, Geroni C, Fantin M, Battaglia R, Rosato A, Speed W, Zanovello P, Floreani M.
Clinical Cancer Research
(2005), 11, 1608-1617

Total Synthesis of (±)-Cyclooroidin
Papeo G, Gomez-Zurita Frau MA, Borghi D, Varasi M
Tetrahedron Letters
(2005) 46, 8635-8638

Solid-phase synthesis of pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-ones
Angiolini M, Fusar Bassini D, Gude M, Menichincheri M
Tetrahedron Letters
(2005) 46, 8749-8752

A New Glycociamidine Ring Precursor: Synthesis of (Z)-Hymenialdisine, (Z)-2-Debromohymenialdisine and (±)-endo-2-Debrormohyemialdisine
Papeo G, Posteri H, Borghi B, Varasi M
Organic Letters
(2005) 7(25), 5641-5644

Sensitivity Improvement in the 19F NMR-based Screening Experiments: Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Applications
Dalvit C, Mongelli N, Papeo G, Giordano P, Veronesi M, Moskau D, Kümmerle R
Journal of the American Chemical Society
(2005) 127, 13380-13385

Inhibitors of Aurora kinases for the treatment of cancer
Fancelli D, Moll J
Expert Opin Ther Patents
(2005), 15(9), 1169-1182

4-demethoxy-3′-deamino-3’aziridinyl-4’methylsulphonyl-daunorubicin (PNU-159548): a new promising candidate for chemotherapeutic treatment of osteosarcoma patients
Pasello M, Hattinger CM, Stoico G, Manara MC, Benini S, Geroni C, Mercuri M, Scotlandi K, Picci P, Serra M
Eur J Cancer
(2005) 41, 2184-2195

An Analysis of the Binding Modes of ATP-Competitive CDK2 Inhibitors as Revealed by X-Ray Structures of Protein-Inhibitor Complexes
Vulpetti A, Pevarello P
Current Medicinal Chemistry-Anti-Cancer Agents
(2005) 5, 561-573

3-Acylaminopyrazole Derivatives via Regioselectively N-Protected 3-nitropyrazole
Orsini P, Traquandi G, Sansonna P, Pevarello P
Tetrahedron Letters
(2005) 46, 933-935

Traceless Solid-Phase Synthesis of 2-Amino-5-alkylidene-thiazol-4-ones
Pulici M, Quartieri F
Tetrahedron Letters
(2005) 46, 2387-2391

Benzodipyrazoles: a new class of potent CDK2 inhibitors
D’Alessio R, Bargiotti A, Betz S, Brasca G, Cameron A, Ermoli A, Marsiglio A, Polucci P, Roletto F, Tibolla M, Vazquez M, Vulpetti A, Pevarello P
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
(2005) 15, 1315-1319

Regulation of the Wild-Type and Y1235D Mutant Met Kinase Activation
Cristiani C, Rusconi L, Perego R, Schiering N, Kalisz H, Knapp S, Isacchi A
(2005) 44, 14110-14119

Pyrazolyl-benzoxazole derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors. Design and validation of a combinatorial library
Berta D, Felder E, Villa M, Vulpetti A
Tetrahedron Letters
(2005) 61, 10801-10810

Virtual screening to Enrich a Compound Collection with CDK2 inhibitors using Docking, Scoring and Consensus Scoring
Cotesta S, Giordanetto F, Trosset JY, Crivori P, Kroemer R, Stouten P, Vulpetti A
(2005) 60, 629-643

Searching for biomarkers of Aurora-A kinase activity: Identification of in vitro substrates through a modified KESTREL approach
Troiani S, Uggeri M, Moll J, Isacchi A, Kalisz HM, Rusconi L, Valsasina B
Journal of Proteome Research
(2005) 4, 1296-1303

Quantitative NMR in Synthetic and Combinatorial Chemistry
Rizzo V, Pinciroli V
Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis
(2005) 8(5), 851-857

3-Aminopyrazole inhibitors of CDK2/cyclin A as Antitumor agents. 2. Lead Optimization
Pevarello P, Brasca MG, Orsini P, Traquandi G, Longo A, Nesi M, Orzi F, Piutti C, Sansonna P, Varasi M, Cameron A, Vulpetti A, Roletto F, Alzani R, Ciomei M, Albanese C, Pastori W, Marsiglio A, Pesenti E, Fiorentini F, Bischoff JR, Mercurio C
J Med Chem
(2005) 48, 2944-2956

Potent and Selective Aurora-A Inhibitors Identified by the Expansion of a Novel Scaffold for Protein Kinase Inhibition
Fancelli D, Berta D, Bindi S, Cameron A, Cappella P, Carpinelli P, Catana C, Forte B, Giordano P, Giorgini ML, Mantegani S, Marsiglio A, Meroni M, Moll J, Pittalà V, Roletto F, Severino D, Soncini C, Storici P, Tonani R, Varasi M, Vulpetti A and Vian
J. Med. Chem.
(2005), 48, 3080-3084

Trifluoroacetic Anhydride-Mediated Solid-Phase Version of the Robinson-Gabriel Synthesis of Oxazoles
Pulici M, Quartieri F, Felder ER
J Comb Chem
(2005) 7, 463-473

Structure-based approaches to improve selectivity: CDK2 – GSK3b binding site analysis.
Vulpetti A, Crivori P, Cameron A, Bertrand J, Brasca G, D’Alessio R, Pevarello P
J Chem Inf Model
(2005), 45, 1282-1290

PoInTree: a polar and interactive Phylogenetic tree
Carreras M, Gianti E, Sartori L, Plyte S, Isacchi A, Bosotti R
Gen Prot Bioinfo
(2005) 3(1), 58-61

Cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors: a survey of the recent patent literature
Pevarello P, Villa M
Expert Opin Ther Patents
(2005) 15 (6), 675-703