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Publications 2004



Catecholic flavonoids acting as telomerase inhibitors
Menichincheri M, Ballinari D, Bargiotti A, Bonomini L, Ceccarelli W, D’Alessio R, Fretta A, Moll J, Polucci P, Soncini C, Tibolla M, Trosset JY, Vanotti E.
J. Med. Chem.
(2004) 47, 6466-6475

The death domain protein p84N5, but not the short isoform p84N5s, is cell cycle-regulated and shuttles between the nucleus and the cytoplasm
Gasparri F, Sola F, Locatelli G, Muzio M.
FEBS Letters
(2004) 574, 13-19

Sequence and structural analysis of kinase ATP pocket residues
Vulpetti A, Bosotti R
Il Farmaco
(2004) 10, 759-765

Influence of molecular flexibility and polar surface area metrics on oral bioavailability in the rat
Lu JJ, Crimin K, Goodwin JT, Crivori P, Orrenius C, Xing L, Tandler PJ, Vidmar TJ, Amore BM, Wilson AG, Stouten PF, Burton PS
J. Med. Chem.
(2004) 47, 6104-6107

Cdc7 inhibition reveals a p53-dependent replication checkpoint that is defective in cancer cells
Montagnoli A, Tenca P, Sola F, Carpani D, Brotherton D, Albanese C, Santocanale C.
Cancer Research
(2004) 64, 7110-7116

Reliable high-throughput functional screening with 3-FABS
Dalvit C, Ardini E, Fogliatto GP, Mongelli N, Veronesi M.
Drug Discovery Today
(2004) 9, 595-602

Kinase selectivity profiling by inhibitor affinity chromatography
Valsasina B, Kalisz H, Isacchi A
Expert Review Proteomics
(2004) 1 (3), 89-101

In vivo Assessment of Antiangiogenic Activity of SU6668 in an Experimental Colon Carcinoma Model
Marzola P, Degrassi A, Calderan L, Farace P, Crescimanno C, Nicolato E, Giusti A, Pesenti E, Terron A, Sbarbati A, Abrams T, Murray L, Osculati F
Clinical Cancer Research
(2004) 10, 739-750

Nicotinoyl Azide (NCA)-Mediated Mitsunoby Reaction: An Expedient One-Pot Transformation of Alcohols into Azides
Papeo G, Posteri H, Vianello P, Varasi M
(2004) 17, 2886-2892