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Oncology seminars 2010


November, 12 2010 (1:30 PM)
Predictive biomarkers of clinical outcome in colorectal cancer
Andrea Sartore Bianchi
Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital, Milano

October, 5 2010 (1:30 PM)
Advanced NSCLC: standard of care and perspectives
Silvia Novello
University of Turin, Orbassano

September, 24 2010 (1:30 PM)
Genomic instability and the evolution of cancer
Francesca Ciccarelli
IFOM-IEO Campus, Milano

June, 25 2010 (1:30 PM)
From oncogenome mining to functional validation of cancer genes
Giovanni Tonon
Oncology Department, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milano

June, 4 2010 (1:30 PM)
Pain research in drug discovery: experimental models for target identification and validation
Angelo Reggiani
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova