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Oncology seminars

We are glad to host external speakers to present their latest findings at our Oncology Seminars Series. Usual topics include themes related to the biology of cancer, chemical approaches, and in general the application of current research and technologies to discover and develop innovative anti-cancer drugs.

For attendance please contact 0331-581467/1478.

Please, see below upcoming and past events.


Jun 18, 2019 (11.00 AM)
25 years of DNA Encoded Chemistry: managing serendipity in pre-clinical small molecule drug discovery?”
Barry Morgan
HitGen Inc., Chengdu, China & University of Texas Health Sciences, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Houston Texas

May 16, 2019 (2.00 PM)
Glioma in 2019: Standard of care of IDHwt glioblastoma and IDHmt lower grade glioma
Martin Van Den Bent
Neuro-Oncology Unit at Erasmus MC Cancer Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands