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Meetings and congresses 2013


Ottobre 11-13
XV Congresso Nazionale AIOM
Milan, Italy
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Identification of a TPM3-TRKA rearrangement in human colon carcinoma, and development of a methodology to identify patients for treatment with TRK inhibitors
Bosotti R, Veronese S, Somaschini A, Cammarota R, Ardini E, Raddrizzani L, Milani A, Alzani R, Pesenti E, Sartore Bianchi A, Gambacorta M, Pierotti M, Galvani A, Siena S, Isacchi A

Settembre 10-13
XXII National Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry
Rome, Italy
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Oral presentation
Applications of Noncovalent ESI-MS in Drug Discovery
Riccardi Sirtori F

Giugno 20-22
25th Pezcoller Symposium: "Metabolism and Tumorigenesis"
Trento, Italy
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Aprile 6-10
AACR 2013
Washington, USA
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Abstract 2091
Identification of a highly potent, selective and orally available RET inhibitor with antitumor efficacy in RET-dependent tumor models
Ardini E, Banfi P, Quartieri F, Polucci P, Avanzi N, Ballinari D, Mancini L, Felder E, Donati D, Galvani A, Pesenti E, Isacchi A, Menichincheri M
Abstract 2092
The ALK inhibitor NMS-E628 also potently inhibits ROS1 and induces tumor regression in ROS-driven models
Ardini E, Menichincheri M, Banfi P, Casero D, Giorgini ML, MB Saccardo, Amboldi N, Avanzi N, Donati D, Isacchi A, Pesenti E, Galvani A
Abstract 2097
Targeting aneuploidy with NMS-P153, a tight binder inhibitor of the spindle assembly checkpoint MPS1 (TTK) kinase
Colombo R, Caldarelli M, Giorgini ML, De Grassi A, Ciomei M, Pezzetta D, Ballinari D, Montagnoli A, Pesenti E, Donati D, Galvani A
Abstract 3259
Novel isoquinolinone derivatives with dual PARP-1/PARP-3 inhibitory activity are highly active against pTEN mutated colorectal cancer and glioblastoma models
Montagnoli A, Rainoldi S, Mazzoleni S, Ciavolella A, Lupi R, Casale E, Ciomei M, Pesenti E, Donati D, Galvani A, Papeo G