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Meetings and congresses 2012


Novembre 6-9
24th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics
Dublino, Ireland
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Abstract 231
A novel siRNA screening approach for target identification in oncology: focus on purinome enzymes
F. Gasparri, LM. Gianellini, ML. Giorgini, A. Carugo, L. Raddrizzani, C. Perrera, R. Lupi, A. Isacchi, A. Galvani, R. Colombo
Abstract 309
Characterization of a novel, highly potent and selective RET inhibitor with antitumor efficacy in RET dependent models
E. Ardini, N. Amboldi, N. Avanzi, P. Banfi, C. Cristiani, D. Donati, A. Galvani, A. Isacchi, E. Pesenti, M. Menichincheri
Abstract 517
NMS-P153, a tight-binder inhibitor of the spindle assembly checkpoint kinase MPS1
R. Colombo, M. Caldarelli, ML, Giorgini, O. Milani, N. Avanzi, F. Sola, E. Pesenti, D. Donati, A. Galvani
Abstract 544
Characterization of potent and well tolerated second generation FLT3 Inhibitors
M. Ciomei, N. Amboldi, S. Cribioli, D. Donati, I. Fraietta, A. Galvani, C. Nuccio, E. Pesenti, G. Texido Romero, A. Lombardi Borgia

Ottobre 27-29
XIV Congresso Nazionale di Oncologia Medica
Roma, Italy
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Settembre 2-6
EFMC-ISMC 2012, 22nd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry
Berlin, Germany
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Luglio 17-20
XXII National Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry
Palermo, Italy
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Oral presentation
The discovery, synthesis and SAR studies of a new class of potent and selective PARP-1 inhibitors as anticancer agents
GL. Papeo

Giugno 27-29
XI National Biotechnology Congress
Varese, Italy
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Oral presentation
An integrated approach for the development of anticancer drugs
A. Isacchi

Giugno 14-16
Molecular basis for resistance to target agents
Trento, Italy
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Giugno 10-12
12th Annual drug discovery leaders summit
Zurigo, Switzerland
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Maggio 30-31
Drug Discovery Automation
Hamburg, Germany
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Maggio 2-4
Ninth Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society
Catania, Italy
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A comprehensive dataset including 16 loci based DNA fingerprinting of a broad tumour cell line panel for cancer research
A. Somaschini, E. Scacheri, A. Nuzzo, N. Amboldi, D. Ballinari, G. Ukmar, A. Isacchi, R. Bosotti
An interactive tool enabling a comparative analysis of STR profiles
G.Ukmar, R. Bosotti, A. Somaschini, J. Malysko, L. Raddrizzani, G. Masetti, A. Milani, E. Scacheri, A. Isacchi, A. Nuzzo

Aprile 19-20
Terzo congresso annuale organizzato dall'Italian Chapter dell'ISMRM, Napoli
Napoli, Italy
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Oral presentation
MRI evaluation of dendritic cell vaccination protocol in a murine model of breast cancer (MMTV-hRas)
M. Russo, A. Degrassi

Aprile 15-17
6° Meeting di Nuove Prospettive in Chimica Farmaceutica
Riccione, Italy
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Oral presentation
NMS-P715: different sinthetic approaches toward the synthesis of a potent and selective MPS1 Kinase inhibitor
H. Posteri

Marzo 31-Aprile 4
AACR 2012
Chicago, IL
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Oral presentation Abstract 2940
Identification of potent VCP/p97/CDC48 inhibitors with distinct biochemical mechanisms including a reversible, allosteric inhibitor that activates the unfolded protein response, induce autophagy and cancer cell death
P. Magnaghi, R. D'Alessio, B. Valsasina, N.R. Avanzi, S. Rizzi, D. Asa, F.Gasparri, L. Cozzi, U. Cucchi, C. Orrenius, P. Polucci, D. Ballinari, C. Perrera, A. Leone, G.Cervi, A. Galvani, D. Donati, T.O'Brien, P.K. Jackson, A. Isacchi
Abstract 1775
Characterization of New Highly Selective and Potent PARP-1 Inhibitors
A.Montagnoli, G.Papeo, S. Rainoldi, A. Ciavolella, F. Sola, R. Lupi, M. Ciomei, A. Cirla, A. Scolaro, H. Posteri, D. Donati, E. Felder, A. Isacchi, E. Pesenti, A. Galvani
Abstract 3754
Characterization of NMS-P285, a new highly selective and potent BRAF inhibitor
M. Pulici, N. Amboldi, W. Pastori, C. Marzoionni, G. Traquandi, S. Cribioli, R. Lupi, M. Modugno, E. Casale, A. Scolaro, E. Felder, D. Donati, A. Isacchi, E. Pesenti, A.Galvani, M. Ciomei

Febbraio 4-8
SLAS 2012
San Diego, CA
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Febbraio 1-2
World Cancer Metabolism Summit
Washington, D.C.
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