Nerviano - Italia e Suresnes - Francia, 30.07.2013

Nerviano Medical Sciences and Servier Announce a Collaboration and License Agreement for a Novel Anticancer Drug

Nerviano Medical Sciences and Servier announced a collaboration and worldwide license agreement to further develop and commercialize first-in-class Nerviano compounds inhibiting the protein kinase TTK/MPS1. A key regulator of mitosis TTK/MPS1 is aberrantly overexpressed in a wide range of tumours and represents a promising target in oncology.
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Nerviano, 02.06.2008

Three Nerviano Medical Sciences molecules at ASCO

Three new anticancer molecules, the result of research by Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS), are presented in these days at the American Society of Clinical Oncology...
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Milano, 28.02.2006


Nerviano Medical Sciences today announced an agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company according to which Nerviano Medical Sciences will identify and conduct early stage development...
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