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Congressi ed eventi 2017


27-28 novembre
Global Medicinal Chemistry & GPCR Leaders Summit
London, UK
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Oral presentation: The systematic use of highly profiled antitumor agents in probing the sensitivity contexts of cancer cells and assessing the validity of target combinations

5-8 novembre
European Molecular Biology Laboratory Conference
Heidelberg, Germany
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26-30 ottobre
AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics: Discovery, Biology, and Clinical Applications
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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27-29 ottobre
XIX Congresso Nazionale AIOM
Roma, Italy
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16-18 ottobre
IMI K4DD Conference 2017. Binding kinetics: time is of the essence
Berlin, Germany
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3-7 ottobre
Cancer Bio-Immunotherapy - XV NIBIT meeting
Siena, Italy
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3-6 ottobre
XXXV Conferenza Nazionale di citometria
Paestum, Italy
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20-22 settembre
8th World ADC Congress
San Diego, CA
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Abstract: Thienoindoles, a novel class of potent toxins for antibody drug conjugates

8-12 settembre
40 Congress of the European Society of Medical Oncology
Madrid , Spain
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24-27 giugno
EACR AACR SIC:The challenges of optimising immuno and targeted therapies - from cancer biology to clinic
Firenze, Italia
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Abstract 318
NMS-P088 is a small molecule potent CSF1R kinase inhibitor with macrophages immunomodulatory activity

12-13 giugno
18th Annual Drug Discovery Summit
Berlino , Germany
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8-9 giugno
VII Congresso nazionale organizzato da ISMRM Italian Chapter
Gaeta, Italia
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1-5 aprile
AACR 2017
Washington, USA
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Abstract 5163
Characterization of NMS-E194, a selective and potent PERK inhibitor with efficacy in the KMS-11 multiple myeloma
Abstract 2082
NMS-E668, a potent and selective RET kinase inhibitor characterized by specificity towards VEGFR2 and high antitumor efficacy against RET-driven models

5-7 marzo
Fragments 2017 - 6th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting
Vienna, Austria
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Abstract: P04
Purinome targeted, fragment based lead discovery: identification of novel HSP90 inhibitors

26-27 gennaio
ER Stress, Autophagy & Immune System
Bruges, Belgium
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