Two young researchers of Nerviano Medical Sciences winners of the award “Premio Società Italiana di Farmacologia- Farmindustria per Ricerche Farmacologiche” 2014

September 17, 2014 - Nerviano, Italy. Congratulations to Daniela Asa and Fabio Gasparri, scientists at Nerviano Medical Sciences in the Biotechnology and Cell Biology Departments, respectively, for winning the prize of the “Società Italiana di Farmacologia (SIF)- Farmindustria per Ricerche Farmacologiche” 2014.

The prize, intended to reinforce the scientific research and partnering between academa and industry, will be awarded in Rimini on September 17 during a meeting of the Italian Pharmacology Society. Daniela and Fabio are receiving the prize for their contribution to the discovery of allosteric and covalent inhibitors of the ATPase protein called VCP/p97 and their cytotoxic activity towards cancer cells.

This research, a collaboration with the company Genentech, has been published in September 2013 on the journal Nature Chemical Biology.




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