Lead optimization and medicinal chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry and all of Oncology’s integrated chemical core technologies are set up to provide the synthetic chemistry output and medicinal chemistry competence for effectively advancing the drug discovery projects while maintaining state-of-the-art technical and methodological fitness for sustainable performance.

Lead optimization approaches are late stage, focused applications of the technologies and synthetic and medicinal chemistry capabilities, which we already apply in the explorative and early discovery phase of all new projects. Biochemical screening, biophysics and combinatorial chemistry approaches provide a systematically consolidated experimental basis for computational and structural chemistry contributions to the rational design of new chemical classes addressing biological targets of interest.
Medicinal chemistry carries the identified leads through rigorous selection and subsequently optimizes the best compounds to Product Candidates (PC), fully exploiting all the available technology disciplines, including scale-up process refinement and all preclinical profiling methodologies (DMPK Tox).

Our Big Pharma heritage and the related experience in managing the interfaces of all involved disciplines are effective assets in speeding up the progression of our new chemical entities (NCEs) through lead optimization.

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