Cell assay technologies

The Unit develops and implements single-cell analytical approaches, including microscopy (bright field, fluorescence, confocal, time-lapse), flow cytometry, and high-content analysis.

In particular, we perform routine flow cytometry and microscopy-based activities to support drug discovery projects; we set-up, validate and implement phenotypic chemical and genetic (RNAi) screens; we support generation and characterization of novel cellular models; we manage a cell lysate collection used for the molecular characterization of tumor cell lines.

Available instrumentation includes three dual-laser flow cytometers, all equipped with tube carousel and multiwell autosampler for the automated acquisition of samples, allowing the analysis of four fluorescences, and one digital three-laser high-speed cell sorter allowing analysis of twelve fluorescence channels and sorting of four different cell populations.

The microscopy facility operates two high-content screening readers equipped with plate handlers for automatic plate loading, a time Lapse platform, a confocal laser scanning system and several fluorescence microscopes, colony readers and plate scanners.

Robotic platforms are also employed for large-scale sample preparation (treatment, fixation and staining).

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